Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh Man

Life with a new puppy is very difficult. I feel like we adopted a dog with multiple personality disorder. He can be sweet and cuddly one minute, then crazy and loud and biting you the next. This is taking some getting used to.
Batman is being such a good sport. Although he gets tired of Dexter like the rest of us, he is still protective of him and worries about him. If Dexter is whining, Batman will run to him. But if Dexter is mean and tries to bite Batman's face (which happens a lot), Batman runs from him.
Having this new puppy has made me a million times happier with Batman. I feel like I have the best dog in the world. He's so well-behaved and quiet and sweet. (The opposite of his new brother.) I know Batman is more of an exception, and Dexter is the rule with puppies, but I was just so lucky with Batty.

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