Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting to Know Each Other

Batman and Dexter are getting to know each other. They don't love each other yet, and Batman isn't completely comfortable with him, but they're working on it.
Batman wants to smell Dexter and check him out, but really doesn't like it when Dexter tries to smell him. Last night we were all laying in bed and Dexter started smelling Batman, and Batman jumped and tried to run. I think he's confused by how tiny Dexter is. Batty is used to big dogs. Maybe he doesn't know that Dexter is a dog, too.
Alex said Batman is starting to show signs of caring for Dexter. Dex was sleeping on the couch yesterday near Alex, and Batman was in the kitchen with me. Dexter started whining, and Batman ran from the kitchen. Alex said he jumped up on the couch to comfort Dexter.
Unfortunately, as with most new puppies, Dexter is not potty trained. He has yet to go to the bathroom outside without having gone on the carpet first. Of course, he won't pee on the hard wood, which would be easy to clean up. He has to pee on the carpet. Or on our bed. (Middle of the night peeing on the bed makes Jillian crazy and not happy.) We knew this was something we would be dealing with, it's just hard. I never had to potty train Batman. Even when he was a puppy, he would wine if he had to go outside. He's only ever had maybe 3 accidents since I got him.
Here's a cute picture of Batman and Dexter smelling each other. And then a picture of little Dexter sleeping in his puppy bed.

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