Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Brother?

Alex and I are in the market for a brother for Batman. Alex has been wanting another dog, one that will technically be "his." He is a big fan of dachshunds, or wiener dogs for the common folk, so that's what we've been searching for. Since we've both been getting involved with KS K-9 ResQ we've been looking at the Humane Society, the Wichita Animal Shelter and other rescues in town. Yesterday I stumbled upon LAPP rescue, and they just happened to have three 8-week old dachshund puppies that they got in two days ago. Alex and I went last night to visit them. One of them had already had an adoption application put in on him, so we hung out with two of the brothers. Both were super sweet and cuddly.
Alex decided on one of them, and we put in an application to adopt him. Since it's a rescue, you fill out the application and put down your vet's information. The rescue calls the vet to make sure we are responsible pet owners, ie: Batman has been consistently on heart worm preventative and has been to the vet for check ups. (Which, of course, he has on both accounts.) They also come by our house to make sure we have a fenced-in yard. (Which we do.) We were told it will take between one and three days to get the little guy.
We're planning on taking Batman to the rescue's kennel so he can meet his possible new brother. We want them to get along, and though we won't be able to tell everything from a quick kennel visit, we can make sure they won't try to kill each other.

I'm nervous about getting another puppy. Of course, I am excited. I love puppies! But I'm worried about Batman. In a perfect world, this new puppy would attach itself to Alex, and Batman would stay attached to me. Alex and I plan on giving both puppies attention, but Batty is my baby and he'll always be my favorite. I don't want there to be too much jealousy between Batman and the new puppy. Hopefully, since Batman gets along so well with his other brothers at Mom and Dad's house, he'll be really excited to have a new brother at home.
Everyone keep your fingers crossed for us!

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