Monday, November 28, 2011

How Did Batman Get So Big?

I've always thought Batman was a little dog. Until we got Dexter. Check this picture out- Dexter was hiding under Batman in the car. (He is terrified of car rides.) Dexter can stand up under Batty!

Cuddle Buddies

I have been getting some seriously cute pictures of Batman and Dexter. They keep cuddling up together on the couch and floor to sleep. If Dexter is feeling anxious, he just cuddles up to Batman and I think it makes him feel better.

Seriously, have you ever seen anything this cute?!

Bedtime Update

The boys are doing much better. They still like to play when we first take them upstairs for bed, but that's about it. Not once during the holiday break did Batman wake me up in the middle of the night to go outside. (Yay!) The other night Dexter and Batman were cuddled up together sleeping- it was the cutest thing! They were behind my mirror, so I couldn't get a picture, but it was adorable! They are definitely friends!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


With Batman and Dexter in the bed, I wasn't getting much sleep last week. Since I get up and go to work every morning, sleep is essential. We decided the puppies should sleep on the floor instead of our bed.
This has been harder than I expected.
For the puppies and for me.
Batman has slept in my bed with me since I got him. He's always been really good and never used my bed as a toilet, so things were great. It isn't because of him that he now has to sleep on the floor. Dexter didn't understand that my bed is not a toilet, and that got old REALLY fast. 3 nights, that's how long he slept in my bed. On top of the grossness, he had a bad habit of biting my face to wake me up, and trying to chase Batman around the bed instead of sleeping. Not cool.
Now that they're sleeping on the floor, I think I'm getting less sleep than before!! Dexter whines! If he wants attention, he doesn't shut up! And for some reason, Batman has had to go outside at 4 in the morning the past couple nights, so he wakes me up. Then, of course, there's Dexter wanting to play and chew on everything. And pooping on the floor. It's rough.
I miss sleeping with Batman. He was a great cuddler. Now it just makes me sad to see him sleeping on a pillow on the floor.
I found this picture on my Facebook of me kissing Batman goodnight in our old apartment. He was such a great sleep buddy. :(

Oh Man

Life with a new puppy is very difficult. I feel like we adopted a dog with multiple personality disorder. He can be sweet and cuddly one minute, then crazy and loud and biting you the next. This is taking some getting used to.
Batman is being such a good sport. Although he gets tired of Dexter like the rest of us, he is still protective of him and worries about him. If Dexter is whining, Batman will run to him. But if Dexter is mean and tries to bite Batman's face (which happens a lot), Batman runs from him.
Having this new puppy has made me a million times happier with Batman. I feel like I have the best dog in the world. He's so well-behaved and quiet and sweet. (The opposite of his new brother.) I know Batman is more of an exception, and Dexter is the rule with puppies, but I was just so lucky with Batty.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting to Know Each Other

Batman and Dexter are getting to know each other. They don't love each other yet, and Batman isn't completely comfortable with him, but they're working on it.
Batman wants to smell Dexter and check him out, but really doesn't like it when Dexter tries to smell him. Last night we were all laying in bed and Dexter started smelling Batman, and Batman jumped and tried to run. I think he's confused by how tiny Dexter is. Batty is used to big dogs. Maybe he doesn't know that Dexter is a dog, too.
Alex said Batman is starting to show signs of caring for Dexter. Dex was sleeping on the couch yesterday near Alex, and Batman was in the kitchen with me. Dexter started whining, and Batman ran from the kitchen. Alex said he jumped up on the couch to comfort Dexter.
Unfortunately, as with most new puppies, Dexter is not potty trained. He has yet to go to the bathroom outside without having gone on the carpet first. Of course, he won't pee on the hard wood, which would be easy to clean up. He has to pee on the carpet. Or on our bed. (Middle of the night peeing on the bed makes Jillian crazy and not happy.) We knew this was something we would be dealing with, it's just hard. I never had to potty train Batman. Even when he was a puppy, he would wine if he had to go outside. He's only ever had maybe 3 accidents since I got him.
Here's a cute picture of Batman and Dexter smelling each other. And then a picture of little Dexter sleeping in his puppy bed.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Puppy

Alex went and picked up the new puppy. He called me and told me that him and Batman were playing and getting along just fine. Then he sent me this picture:

Pretty darn cute!
FYI: We still don't have a name for the puppy. Alex is trying to decide. (I'm voting for Dexter. Or Nigel Barker, but Alex hates that idea.)

The First Meeting

Over lunch today I got an e-mail from the rescue and they said we could come get the new puppy. Alex had class in the afternoon, and I had to go back to work, so we didn't want to take him home right away. We thought it would be terrible to take him to his new home and then put him in his kennel for a few hours. Instead, we decided to bring Batman to the rescue to meet his new brother, and then Alex would bring the little guy home when he got out of school.
Batman behaved like I expected- totally uninterested. And a little scared. The puppy had lots of energy, and started kissing and jumping on Batman. Batman just backed away and wouldn't look at the little puppy. We left them on the ground together for a few minutes, and nothing changed. We decided Batty would probably warm up to the little guy, and since he hadn't tried to attack him or anything, it should be good to adopt him.
While we waited for another person from the rescue to give us the final adoption forms, Alex held the new puppy and I held Batman. Slowly, Batman started to get interested in the little guy. He leaned over and smelled him several times. When the puppy would lick him, he didn't act so disgusted.
Hopefully when we get them both home and they get used to each other, they'll be best friends.

New Brother?

Alex and I are in the market for a brother for Batman. Alex has been wanting another dog, one that will technically be "his." He is a big fan of dachshunds, or wiener dogs for the common folk, so that's what we've been searching for. Since we've both been getting involved with KS K-9 ResQ we've been looking at the Humane Society, the Wichita Animal Shelter and other rescues in town. Yesterday I stumbled upon LAPP rescue, and they just happened to have three 8-week old dachshund puppies that they got in two days ago. Alex and I went last night to visit them. One of them had already had an adoption application put in on him, so we hung out with two of the brothers. Both were super sweet and cuddly.
Alex decided on one of them, and we put in an application to adopt him. Since it's a rescue, you fill out the application and put down your vet's information. The rescue calls the vet to make sure we are responsible pet owners, ie: Batman has been consistently on heart worm preventative and has been to the vet for check ups. (Which, of course, he has on both accounts.) They also come by our house to make sure we have a fenced-in yard. (Which we do.) We were told it will take between one and three days to get the little guy.
We're planning on taking Batman to the rescue's kennel so he can meet his possible new brother. We want them to get along, and though we won't be able to tell everything from a quick kennel visit, we can make sure they won't try to kill each other.

I'm nervous about getting another puppy. Of course, I am excited. I love puppies! But I'm worried about Batman. In a perfect world, this new puppy would attach itself to Alex, and Batman would stay attached to me. Alex and I plan on giving both puppies attention, but Batty is my baby and he'll always be my favorite. I don't want there to be too much jealousy between Batman and the new puppy. Hopefully, since Batman gets along so well with his other brothers at Mom and Dad's house, he'll be really excited to have a new brother at home.
Everyone keep your fingers crossed for us!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Batman is always cold, just like his mom, so he's always under the covers with me. Alex took this picture last night after I got off the couch to get ready for bed. Why is Batman the cutest thing ever?!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


We are still very busy getting our house set up. In fact, it's going much slower than I anticipated. Which is fine, but I'm so tired of having boxes all over my floor!
This morning we had some guys out to clean our air vents. (Yay for getting a Groupon for 1/2 off the service!.. even though I hate Groupon...) Batman was surprisingly calm. The guys got there just before I went to work, and Batman sat with me on the couch while they brought their massive vacuum cleaners in. Then he hang out with Alex when I left for work. Alex sent me these great pictures this morning of Batman being calm. Such a cute puppy.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New House!

Things have been pretty crazy the last few days for me and Batman. We bought a house! That's right, me and baby Batman are home owners. It's been a big change for both of us.
Alex is living with us, and during the day he's home most of the time. So Batman no longer has to be put in his kennel when I go to work. He spends his time laying in a new puppy bed on the floor next to Alex.
We were a little worried that he wouldn't know how to react/walk on the hardwood floors. The whole house is hardwood, no carpet, but Batman's been doing great. If he runs, he normally slides when he's trying to stop, but other than that he's doing very well.
With Alex being home with him most of the day, his relationship with Batman has changed a little bit. Alex used to be Batman's favorite person. When Alex would come over, would run to him and want to play with him and cuddle with him and all that good stuff. Now that he sees me less, Batman has decided I'm his favorite person. Which I absolutely love. Coming home and cuddling with my baby is even better now than before.
Batman is also really loving the space in our house. We went from a tiny studio apartment to a two-bedroom, two-story house. The space is magnificent. AND to top it all off, Batman gets a backyard that is all his! No more sharing space with other dogs.