Wednesday, November 23, 2011


With Batman and Dexter in the bed, I wasn't getting much sleep last week. Since I get up and go to work every morning, sleep is essential. We decided the puppies should sleep on the floor instead of our bed.
This has been harder than I expected.
For the puppies and for me.
Batman has slept in my bed with me since I got him. He's always been really good and never used my bed as a toilet, so things were great. It isn't because of him that he now has to sleep on the floor. Dexter didn't understand that my bed is not a toilet, and that got old REALLY fast. 3 nights, that's how long he slept in my bed. On top of the grossness, he had a bad habit of biting my face to wake me up, and trying to chase Batman around the bed instead of sleeping. Not cool.
Now that they're sleeping on the floor, I think I'm getting less sleep than before!! Dexter whines! If he wants attention, he doesn't shut up! And for some reason, Batman has had to go outside at 4 in the morning the past couple nights, so he wakes me up. Then, of course, there's Dexter wanting to play and chew on everything. And pooping on the floor. It's rough.
I miss sleeping with Batman. He was a great cuddler. Now it just makes me sad to see him sleeping on a pillow on the floor.
I found this picture on my Facebook of me kissing Batman goodnight in our old apartment. He was such a great sleep buddy. :(

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