Friday, April 29, 2011


Sometimes the best cure for a bad mood after a long day at work is a cuddle session with Batman. This is us a couple days ago, relaxing for a few minutes after I got home from job #1 and had to leave for job #2. If I lay down on the couch, he immediately jumps up there with me. I think he knows I need his calming powers sometimes.

A Royal Sleepover

Batman and I had a sleepover at Mom and Dad's last night. The Royal Wedding started this morning at 4, and I figured it'd be more fun to watch it with Mom and Rebecca than just Batman. (And I was right.)
I was a little worried about how Batman would do sleeping on the couch with me. We normally sleep on a queen size bed, so there was a lot less room for the bed hog. Plus, Mom and Dad have two cats that Batman thoroughly enjoys chasing around the house. I kept thinking Batman might think it was a good idea to get up in the middle of the night for a run.
Thank goodness I was wrong. He did wonderful. He found the crook of my knees a suitable place for him to sleep, and he stayed there the whole night. What a wonderful dog.
Now, if I can just make it through work today without falling asleep, all will be well.

Monday, April 25, 2011


This product was featured on Dog Milk a couple days ago.

I hate it. I think this is terrible.
Even the thought of someone pointing a gun at Batman makes me want to cry. Now imagine having that image really in front of you. I hate it. And the leash being red just makes it a million times worse. It's like watching my dog being targeted with a laser site.
Dog Milk asked readers to comment on what they thought of the leash- creative or crass? Thankfully, the only person I found that thought it was funny wasn't a dog owner. Thank goodness, seriously.

The Great Mouse Catcher

My apartment has a mouse problem. It's disgusting, I know. My apartment complex won't send back out the exterminator, and he obviously didn't do his job the first time. But anyway...
I thought things were better. I have four traps around the apartment, and two of those noise makers that are supposed to scare the mice away. We haven't seen a mouse for a while, so I thought it was all good. Yesterday, Alex and I got home and I went to take Batman out when Alex gasped and folded Batman's bed over itself.
There was a dead mouse in Batman's kennel. On his bed.
What a stupid mouse.
Luckily, I didn't have to see the mouse because my boyfriend is amazing and got rid of it for me. He said it didn't look like it had been chewed up or anything. Maybe Batman just sat on it. Or killed it with his super-stinky farts.
Either way, what an idiot mouse for running into Batman's kennel. And what an amazing dog for killing a mouse for me.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Birthday Boy

Yesterday we celebrated Batman's 1st birthday. When I was growing up, each birthday I was given something new I could do, like stay up an hour later or walk to the shopette by myself. I thought this might be appropriate for Batman, so I decided to try letting him stay out of his kennel while I was at school. He's stopped getting into things at home, and doesn't try to eat my shoes anymore, so I figured he would do fine. I was only gone for two hours.
Big mistake.
I got home to a disaster. Batman had got onto the coffee table, pulled off papers and chewed them to pieces. He got into his birthday treats and tore apart the bag. And he'd gotten on top of my nightstand, knocked off pictures and chewed some of them up. (Ironically, he knocked a picture of us off but didn't eat it.)
I picked up the apartment and decided he won't ever get that opportunity again. He's a kennel puppy.
I was only mad for a little bit, and I mostly blamed myself, so we played after that. Alex got him a new kong ball, which he loves, so we played chase with that for a while. We also did one of my favorite things- napped on the couch together. So minus the destroying the apartment thing, the day was pretty good. Oh, except Alex also got Batman some special treats, and they made him especially stinky. I felt like I was in a gas chamber last night while I was trying to sleep.... might have to throw out the rest of those treats.

Batman and I celebrating his birthday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Looking through my phone...

Looking through my phone the other day, I ran across this adorable picture of Batman. He's cuddling on the couch with Alex. That dog loves my boyfriend so much, it's kind of crazy. Luckily, the feeling is mutual- Alex loves coming over to play with Batman. And I love seeing my boys having fun together.


Is Batman's birthday!! He will be a one year old in human years, or a seven year old in doggy years. This is both very exciting, and very sad for me. He's like a big toddler, no longer a little baby. I have the afternoon and evening off tomorrow, and I plan on spending it with Batman. Too bad I don't know how to make a puppy-friendly birthday cake. If anyone wanted to make one for me, that would be amazing.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New toys!

Alex bought Batman some new toys this week. He picked up a small tennis ball so when we take him to the tennis courts he can chase after it. We had been playing fetch with him with a rope, but the tennis ball will be better we think. Alex also got Batman a new rope. He loves ropes, and he chews through them so quickly! So this one is a little larger and sturdier than the last ones, so hopefully it will last longer. I love how big it looks in comparison to Batman's face!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Great Puppy Weather

Batman has been loving this nice weather! We've been spending more and more time outside, running around the tennis courts and taking walks around our apartment complex. This weekend I took Batman to my parents' house to hang out with the other dogs while I spent some time with the family. On the way home, he was in such a great mood! He was loving the relaxing ride home after a day or running around with his brothers.

Check out that smiling face!

This is a new favorite! It's now the background on my work computer.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bad Influences

Batman and I spent some time this weekend at my parents' house. They have two dogs that I call Batman's brothers- Louis and Deuce. They are large, furry dogs that are terrible influences on my puppy! At home, Batman is perfect. He's quiet and sweet, and just generally well behaved. Not when we go to my parents'. He gets crazy! He jumps all over you and runs all around the house and doesn't listen to anything I say. I'm pretty sure my parents don't believe me when I tell them how great Batman is at home.
They just added another dog to their family. Loki the Australian Sheppard. I have a feeling he's going to be a bad influence, too.

Perfect Gentleman

Batman is such a gentleman with his crossed paws.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Watch Dog

Batman has always been a good watch dog. If someone comes to my door, he starts barking and growling, and he'll step in front of me to protect me. Such a sweetie. Since I got back from New York though, he's getting a little out of hand. Anytime someone walks near my apartment, he flips out. This can be annoying. Last night, it was both annoying and unnerving. We climbed into bed, and I was almost asleep when Batman started barking. He jumped off the bed and ran to the front door and kept barking and growling. I got out of bed, looked outside and didn't see anything, so I grabbed Batman and took him back to bed. This happened several times in a 30 minute period last night. He was scared, and I tried to comfort him, but I just wanted to sleep! I ended up putting him on his leash and taking him outside so he could see that no one was trying to break in. We both fell asleep last night with my arms wrapped around him, pulling him close, so he wouldn't be scared.