Friday, April 22, 2011

Birthday Boy

Yesterday we celebrated Batman's 1st birthday. When I was growing up, each birthday I was given something new I could do, like stay up an hour later or walk to the shopette by myself. I thought this might be appropriate for Batman, so I decided to try letting him stay out of his kennel while I was at school. He's stopped getting into things at home, and doesn't try to eat my shoes anymore, so I figured he would do fine. I was only gone for two hours.
Big mistake.
I got home to a disaster. Batman had got onto the coffee table, pulled off papers and chewed them to pieces. He got into his birthday treats and tore apart the bag. And he'd gotten on top of my nightstand, knocked off pictures and chewed some of them up. (Ironically, he knocked a picture of us off but didn't eat it.)
I picked up the apartment and decided he won't ever get that opportunity again. He's a kennel puppy.
I was only mad for a little bit, and I mostly blamed myself, so we played after that. Alex got him a new kong ball, which he loves, so we played chase with that for a while. We also did one of my favorite things- napped on the couch together. So minus the destroying the apartment thing, the day was pretty good. Oh, except Alex also got Batman some special treats, and they made him especially stinky. I felt like I was in a gas chamber last night while I was trying to sleep.... might have to throw out the rest of those treats.

Batman and I celebrating his birthday.

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