Friday, April 1, 2011

Watch Dog

Batman has always been a good watch dog. If someone comes to my door, he starts barking and growling, and he'll step in front of me to protect me. Such a sweetie. Since I got back from New York though, he's getting a little out of hand. Anytime someone walks near my apartment, he flips out. This can be annoying. Last night, it was both annoying and unnerving. We climbed into bed, and I was almost asleep when Batman started barking. He jumped off the bed and ran to the front door and kept barking and growling. I got out of bed, looked outside and didn't see anything, so I grabbed Batman and took him back to bed. This happened several times in a 30 minute period last night. He was scared, and I tried to comfort him, but I just wanted to sleep! I ended up putting him on his leash and taking him outside so he could see that no one was trying to break in. We both fell asleep last night with my arms wrapped around him, pulling him close, so he wouldn't be scared.

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