Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New House!

Things have been pretty crazy the last few days for me and Batman. We bought a house! That's right, me and baby Batman are home owners. It's been a big change for both of us.
Alex is living with us, and during the day he's home most of the time. So Batman no longer has to be put in his kennel when I go to work. He spends his time laying in a new puppy bed on the floor next to Alex.
We were a little worried that he wouldn't know how to react/walk on the hardwood floors. The whole house is hardwood, no carpet, but Batman's been doing great. If he runs, he normally slides when he's trying to stop, but other than that he's doing very well.
With Alex being home with him most of the day, his relationship with Batman has changed a little bit. Alex used to be Batman's favorite person. When Alex would come over, would run to him and want to play with him and cuddle with him and all that good stuff. Now that he sees me less, Batman has decided I'm his favorite person. Which I absolutely love. Coming home and cuddling with my baby is even better now than before.
Batman is also really loving the space in our house. We went from a tiny studio apartment to a two-bedroom, two-story house. The space is magnificent. AND to top it all off, Batman gets a backyard that is all his! No more sharing space with other dogs.

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