Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The First Meeting

Over lunch today I got an e-mail from the rescue and they said we could come get the new puppy. Alex had class in the afternoon, and I had to go back to work, so we didn't want to take him home right away. We thought it would be terrible to take him to his new home and then put him in his kennel for a few hours. Instead, we decided to bring Batman to the rescue to meet his new brother, and then Alex would bring the little guy home when he got out of school.
Batman behaved like I expected- totally uninterested. And a little scared. The puppy had lots of energy, and started kissing and jumping on Batman. Batman just backed away and wouldn't look at the little puppy. We left them on the ground together for a few minutes, and nothing changed. We decided Batty would probably warm up to the little guy, and since he hadn't tried to attack him or anything, it should be good to adopt him.
While we waited for another person from the rescue to give us the final adoption forms, Alex held the new puppy and I held Batman. Slowly, Batman started to get interested in the little guy. He leaned over and smelled him several times. When the puppy would lick him, he didn't act so disgusted.
Hopefully when we get them both home and they get used to each other, they'll be best friends.

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