Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It shouldn't be this hard...

It is very difficult to get a good picture of me and Batman. Whether it's because my little man won't look at the camera, or my camera wants to go all blurry or I look dumb, getting a good picture takes forever. Here's some shots from my mini photo shoot last night with Batman. Some of them are pretty good... some of them aren't. I didn't bother putting up the 6 or 7 blurry ones.

This one is probably the best of the night, although Batman looks a little scared.

This one's alright, except for the weird fake smile I have going on.

I think this one is cute. There was a great one right after this of him kissing me, but it was all blurry.

Batman can only look me in the eyes for a second before he goes in for the kiss.

I can't believe I cut Batman out of this shot! Although it's a little blurry, it would have been so cute!

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