Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Busy week/weekend.

I have had a very busy week/weekend. With me running between two jobs, school and several job interviews, poor Batman has been spending too much time in his kennel. This weekend we spent some extra time out together. On Sunday we went to Mom and Dad's for Mother's Day. Oh how Batman loves hanging out with his brothers! They played outside for hours. I love sitting by the window and watching Batman run around with the big dogs. He can hold his own and he has so much fun.
When it was time to give Batman a bath and go home, things got a little crazy. Mom and Dad have three dogs, all of which are bigger than Batman, two of which are like quadruple his size. The two big dogs do pretty good with letting Batman come inside without trying to push in themselves. The new puppy doesn't.
So I opened the back door to let Batman inside and Loki ran inside too. While trying to get Loki back outside, both Louis and Deuce ran inside. Luckily, Dad closed off the living room doors before the dogs could tear through the whole house. They were running circle around Mom and Dad's living room, and the two big dogs are far too big for me to catch. Dad was wonderful and managed to wrangle their dogs outside.

This is us sharing a sweet moment at a stop light on the way to Mom and Dad's.

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