Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another New Toy

Batman loves ropes. Loves them. Will chew on them for hours and hours. Unfortunately, he tears them up really quickly. When they get all stringy, he eats them and that makes him sick. Not fun. Really not fun.
He demolished his last rope this week, so Alex and I went on a mission to find a durable rope, one that wouldn't need replacing after a couple weeks. The super durable ropes are too big for Batman, so those are out.
At Target we found this rope/ball mixture. The weaving on the ropes looked really durable, and the threads were thicker, which would make it harder for Batman to eat. We thought we had struck gold.
Until day two, when Batman had already eaten off one rope and started shredding it. This was the most non-durable toy we have found! So disappointing, and so not cheap. (Thanks Alex!)

Here's Batman enjoying his toy on the first night. He's shaking his head, which is why it looks weird and blurry. He loves it, but I think it's going to need replaced very soon.

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