Monday, March 7, 2011

You can't see me.

When I'm not at home, I keep Batman in his kennel. Although I love him to death, I don't trust him to be alone and out in the apartment. When I take a shower I let him stay out, and most days, if I don't put the trash can on the table, I get out and there's eaten trash all over the place. If he can make a mess like that in 10 minutes, I'm scared to know what he would do with a couple hours.
Usually, Batman seems to love his kennel. I keep a bed in there (which he has pretty much devoured), and there's always a toy or two for him to play with. I can just tap on the top of the kennel, and Batman goes right in. At least until recently that' s how it's been. For some reason, when Alex is over, Batman tries to hide when I tell him to go in his kennel. Unfortunately for him, he always hides in the same spot, and he's not really hidden- he's laying under the coffee table.

Silly puppy.

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