Monday, March 14, 2011

Batman's Busy Weekend

Batman and I had a busy weekend. We spent Friday night and Saturday afternoon at my parents' house. Batman always seems to enjoy car rides, but on Saturday Alex came with us and Batman was freaked out about having to sit on his lap during the ride. He acted like a scaredy-cat, making Alex think he doesn't like the car. (Not true.)
Batman was excited to see the family this weekend. He has a special place in his heart for my dad, who was just as excited to see him. Dad spent some time teaching Batman how to lay down, and Batman did a pretty good job. I brought Batman's kong with us, hoping he would be content to sit in the living room and chew on it like he does at our apartment. Not the case. If he wasn't sitting on my lap on the couch, he was running around crazy either chasing the cats or teasing the other dogs outside.
Here's a picture of Batman in the car on the way to Mom and Dad's, and then chasing after his kong.

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