Thursday, August 4, 2011

Such a hand full.

Batman has been quite the hand full the past few days. He's still being ridiculous about wanting to play when I'm in bed. Now, he's started eating my things.
Last week he was chewing on the power cord for my computer. Although it still powers my computer, he caused a power surge, and now the CD/DVD drive doesn't work.
And twice this week I've caught him chewing on my entertainment center! Batman has never eaten my furniture! I think he's developed a taste for wood- Dad has been splitting wood in his backyard and then leaving the scraps out there. Batman chews on them when he's out with the other dogs. So not cool!
So when I start thinking about how I would love to get Batman a little sister (see how adorable the babies are in the post below?!), I remember that sometimes he can be a hand full, and I don't know if I could deal with two of him at once.

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