Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Puppy Mills

I just started reading this new book about a dog that was rescued from a puppy mill. Although I've always known what a puppy mill was, I never really understood how horrible they are. This book makes me so sad! I laid in bed last night reading, and I just had to keep a hand on my Batman. It makes me happy to know that I got a pure bred Boston from a family, not a puppy mill.
I've heard that Petland gets their puppies from puppy mills, and that makes me sick. I love going in there and playing with the puppies, but I just want people to STOP going in there. The people that pay the outrageous amount of money they charge for their dogs are just helping support the puppy mills they get their dogs from.
I think when I grow up I want to be involved in saving puppies.


  1. Puppy Mills make me cry. I read a book about a pig farmer once (I know, they aren't as cute as puppies, but still) and it seriously had me bawling. I want to move to a farm and just save animals for the rest of my life. Maybe we can work something out? :)

  2. I know!! It was so hard for me to read that book. And pigs are super adorable! It just makes me sick that people can treat animals so horribly.