Friday, October 7, 2011

K-9 ResQ

Tonight I'm going to my first meeting with Kansas K-9 ResQ and I'm very excited. They are a local group that saves animals from shelters and the human society that are going to be killed. Their volunteers foster the dogs and get them vet care, socialize them and help potty train them. When the dogs are healthy and ready, K-9 ResQ finds a home for them.
I'm excited to get involved, but I'm also worried. I know I'm going to love some of the dogs and get attached. And probably beg Alex to let me keep some. (Which he will say "no" to, as he should.) Because of this, I've told them I won't be able to foster any dogs, but I'm happy to help out with anything I can. Once a month they bring adoptable dogs to the PetCos and PetSmarts in town so people can fall in love with the dogs and want to save them. Tomorrow is one of the days they're doing this, and I'm hoping I can help out!

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